Spanish legislation

Environmental information, the significant absentee in non-financial information statements. Much ado about nothing.

According to Law 11/2018, large companies are required to prepare a non-financial information statement (NFIS) that includes, among other things, the impacts of their activities on the environment. However, the majority of NFIS from financial institutions, such as banks and insurers, lack the required environmental information.

The IIDMA closes in Sevilla the cycle of conferences on climate action that, throughout 2022, has brought together environmental specialists from all over Spain

The event will mark the end of the cycle of conferences that, throughout 2022, has taken us to different regions of Spain. In this third and final edition of the conference, the communities that will be the focus of attention will be Andalucía, Castilla la Mancha, the Community of Madrid, Extremadura and Murcia.