25th Anniversary of IIDMA

25 years putting law at the service of the environment

In 2022 we are celebrating!

The International Institute for Law and Environment (IIDMA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Two and a half decades of intense work in which we have put all the tools of law at the service of our planet.

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Great milestones in our history

January 1997
Foundation of IIDMA
April 1998
Study on EU-Moroccan Fisheries Relations

'Comunidades locales y disputas pesqueras en aguas saharauis y marroquíes: oportunidades para nuevos mecanismos de resolución de conflictos'. Elaborado para el Earth Council.

Ondina project for the sustainable management of shared water resources between Spain and Portugal.
Project on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Spain: practical solutions to improve its effectiveness.
September 2001
Compliance Review of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
Assistance to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Right to a Healthy Environment
IberAqua Project: promoting mechanisms for the sustainable management of shared water resources between Spain and Portugal.
2004 - 2014
Analysis of the transposition of environmental directives into Spanish law for the EC
Study on the legal regime for the protection of beaked whales from military sonar manoeuvres
January 2005
Governance for Sustainable Development Project
Publication of 'Environment and International Law: A Practical Guide'
May 2006
Support to the State of Zacatecas (Mexico) in the elaboration of the Water Law Initiative.
Study on the legal regime for the protection of sharks
September 2008
Analysis of the legal-institutional framework for water protection in Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru
2008 - 2009
Project: "Legal mechanisms for the protection of the marine environment in Spain".
Court victory on behalf of Oceana

The National Court forces the government to provide data on mercury contamination in fish sold in Spain.

January 2013
Work on decarbonisation begins

In 2013, IIDMA began working towards the decarbonisation of the Spanish electricity sector. Since then, it has managed to reduce the authorised emissions of several power plants, has presented studies on the harmful health effects of coal pollution or on how to reconcile the deployment of renewable energies with land and biodiversity, among other projects.

2013 - 2015
Analysis of the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy regulation in Spain
2017 - 2020
A2J Project on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

The LIFE-A2J-EARL project aimed to promote the correct implementation and enforcement of EU environmental law through effective access to justice on environmental matters for the public.


November 2017
Court victory on behalf of Oceana

The Supreme Court rules that NGOs can be parties to administrative sanctioning proceedings.

December 2018
Publication of the study: "Public Participation in the elaboration of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan: an unavoidable requirement".
April 2019
Historic victory before the Supreme Court

Unprecedented judgment by the Supreme Court: it recognises that an environmental organisation is exempt from paying court costs.

June 2020
Development of a guide to contribute to 'green' reconstruction and recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis in Spain
Study on national recovery and resilience plans: transparency and public participation
May 2021
Inclusion of the Committee of Experts in the Spanish Climate Change Law thanks to the contributions of IIDMA
Project to promote climate and energy action at the regional level


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