Other Areas of Work

IIDMA provides research, legal advisement, legal representation and education linked to environmental law and policy aspects in other areas including:


  • Environmental consequences of industrial activities
  • Trade and Environment
  • Responsibility for environmental damages


Some of our projects in other work areas have been:

Case study on the consideration of EIA alternatives and the possibility of recurring to the use of “screening” decisions in Spain’s EIA



Funded within the Life+ framework awarded to the Justice & Environment Organization (of which IIDMA is a member) in 2012, we conducted two case studies (Siroco oil prospecting and the combined-cycle plant in Fayón, Aragón) to analyze how the alternative processes of Spain’s EIA where being carried out. Additionally, a jurisprudential analysis was carried out to examine whether it was possible to recur directly to administrative decision on whether a project could be attached to the EIA’s Annex II (screening decision).

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