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The law is a fundamental tool in the protection of our environment. However, in order to guarantee this, it is necessary that its application and use is continually monitored — By not doing so, the destruction of our environment is sure to continue.  Thus, over two decades ago, a group of legal and environmental-law professionals formed the International Institute for Law and the Environment (or IIDMA for short, using its Spanish acronym) to respond directly to this necessity.


IIDMA designs and launches its own projects as well as attends to the requests from public and private institutions and organizations requiring support in environmental law and policies.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our environment and, equally, our natural resources, are truly restored and protected — which means that we must stand up against a series of challenges.


Therefore, in order to accomplish our vision, our main task is to inform both international and national organizations, institutions and the public that the law and other legal tools are one of the most important means of changing environmental policy as well as assuring that these are carried-out.


Only then, when these legal tools are applied correctly, can action take place.

Our Mission

Thus, our mission stems directly from our vision: That we protect the environment and promote continued sustainable development through the study, improvement and implementation of the law — emphasizing in its application, compliance and execution.



Research, develop and implement international and European Union law as a means to protect the environment. The Institute fosters legal responses to current social and ecological needs, while promoting the participation of all sectors of society in decision-making and implementation processes.


Promote cooperation for development in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.


Increase social awareness of environmental problems and facilitate the assumption of common but differentiated responsibilities to face these concerns.


Respond to the legal challenges posed by scientific and technological development and by its impact on humans and the environment.



Research activities at the Institute are aimed at fostering the development and effective implementation of environmental law. The result of the Institute’s research can contribute, for example, to drafting new treaties and legislation, developing environmental policies, and providing advice to decision-makers. The Institute emphasizes the dissemination and publication of results of its research.

Education and Training

The Institute pursues an educational mission in environmental law in academia, in training courses, and in conferences and seminars. IIDMA also works in building-up the capacity of public officers from both developed and developing countries to strengthen their negotiation skills and knowledge of environmental law and policy. At the same time, IIDMA participates actively in national and international conferences and seminars.

Legal Advisement & Representation

The Institute provides its legal support to citizens and NGOs, public institutions, government agencies, international organizations, and private institutions. IIDMA provides legal support in assisting professionals in environmental auditing, engineering and technical consulting in the development of their tasks. The Institute also works in drafting environmental laws and provides assistance in environmental administrative and court procedures.


The Institute is a permanent forum, open to the exchange of views and experiences from all those concerned about the environment. It favours debate on current problems and challenges for the future, and is active in the promotion of initiatives towards environmental protection.

Our Team

We are made up of a multi-cultural team of professionals whose central goal is to protect the environment using law as a tool.

Ana Barreira




Óscar Montes



Quentin Aubineau


Environmental Law


Lucía De la Fuente

Digital Communication Manager


Alba Iranzo


Environmental Law


Massimiliano Patierno

Environmental Engineer


Julia Prats




Marta Rodríguez Paños

Communication Manager


Ángel Roldán


Environmental Law

foto Ángel Roldán_montaje

Carlota Ruiz-Bautista


Environmental Law


Gopal Shilpakar

Assistant to Director


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