Biodiversity & Protection of the Marine Environment

Biodiversity includes the habitats and ecosystems that support the living resources of the plane: wildlife, the marine environment, forests, and so on. Also, it offers the means to satisfy our basic human needs, like food and medicine. However, despite providing these, its destruction by human activity continues. Thus, biodiversity is either preserved or depleted as a result of the collective or individual decisions that are directly correlated with international law and policy.


This field of activity is based on our contribution to the development and implementation of international conventions in force such as the Convention on Biological Diversity.


Our work in this field gives priority to the following areas:


  • Protection of marine and land habitats and species.
  • Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)
  • Access to genetic resources
  • Protection of traditional indigenous and local knowledge
  • Analysis of the consequences of genetic manipulation from an ecological, economic and humans rights perspective.


In this context, IIDMA has given legal advice to different administrations and prepared reports about the constitution of Biosphere Reserves as well as in the application of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Spain.


The main projects we have done in this field are:

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